ADuro Shredders: New Product Line for Recycling

Austria-based international technology Group Andritz has launched its new ADuro product line for primary and secondary shredding, fine granulation as well as for breaking up material composites.

“ADuro shredders feature highest durability and are perfectly suited to processing almost all raw materials in the recycling industry”, the company emphasized. “They can be installed easily in existing facilities, thus keeping shutdown times during installation to a minimum.” The latest member of this product family is a compact secondary shredder with an extra robust design. With a rotor length of 3,200 millimeters and “some unique design features, the machine is a powerful tool for shredding refuse-derived fuels and municipal solid waste as well as commercial or industrial waste”. The new shredder would be launched in July this year.

Some examples of the product family

“The ADuro brand name reflects our strong focus on R&D and stands for a continuously enhanced shredder design with IIoT features to achieve the optimum operating point”, Michael Waupotitsch, Vice President of Andritz Recycling, is cited. “The Andritz automation tools can be tailored to individual customer needs and provide powerful capabilities to monitor machine behavior and improve plant reliability.”

The ADuro product line comprises a broad range of machines: The P shredder is a slow rotating pre-shredder with electric drive and hydraulic pendulum feeder, with low energy consumption. It processes large quantities of domestic, commercial, industrial and bulky waste into manageable sizes down to 50 millimeters. The robust shredder is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly, the manufacturer assured.

The single-shaft machine ADuro U shreds the material with only one step to the required size. With integrated screens from 10 to 150 millimeters, output quality and throughput can be customized. The robust machine is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

Last but not least, the ADuro M shredder is suited for fine granulation of used tires, plastics and cables and is mainly used as the final shredding step in a complete recycling process. The machine reduces the input material to a particle size of less than four millimeters and thus breaks up the last remaining material composites. “The results are defined, pure-grade, granule-sized secondary raw materials”, Andritz said. “The individual fractions, such as copper, aluminum and plastics, can be separated with a metal separator to be available with high purity and a quality that can be used to make new products.”

(GR22020, Page 40, Source: Andritz)