“The Machine” – VDMA Plastics Recycling Theme World at IFAT 2022

Technical solutions for plastics recycling are the key to completing the circular economy. VDMA uses the world’s leading trade fair IFAT to present the solutions of its members to an international crowd in Munich. With “The Machine” and an associated multifunctional exhibition stand, VDMA Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology will design a plastics recycling theme world for IFAT 2022 that will focus on technical solutions for recycling plastics.

The idea for “The Machine” was developed with the Wiesbaden-based trade fair construction company Isinger + Merz and is intended to illustrate the individual process steps involved in plastic recycling from packaging waste, thereby creating a basic understanding of processes and at the same time offering an overview of the “system as whole”. In short, to break down the black box of plastics recycling.

Visitors to the VDMA exhibition stand at IFAT should be able to follow the path of a used shampoo bottle from its disposal (collection) through the individual process steps. “The Machine” focuses on the interdependencies of the processes. It is neither a cinema nor a museum; VDMA’s aim is rather to make the processes in the “black box” understandable. Visitors should gain knowledge through experience and understand through comprehension. To this end, the visitor is actively involved and becomes part of the process. They should lift the “lid of the black box” themselves and look inside “The Machine”, move the control stick or stand at the control panel.

The VDMA is actively involving its members and other partners in the planning and implementation.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2021, Page 41, Source: VDMA)