India: Tata Steel Commissions Its First Steel Recycling Plant

Indian multinational steel-making company Tata Steel has commissioned its new Steel Recycling Plant with a capacity of a half-million tons per annum (0.5 MnTPA) at Rohtak, Haryana. It has been set up in collaboration with M/s Aarti Green Tech Ltd., as a “Build, Own, Operate” (BOO) partner.

According to the steel maker, it is the first facility in India, equipped with modern and mechanized machines such as shredder, baler, and material handler, to name but a few. The scrap would be procured from various market segments, for example, end-of-life vehicles, obsolete households, construction & demolition and industrial, through an App FerroHaat. The scrap would then be processed through mechanized equipment, and the high-quality processed scrap would be supplied for downstream steel making. “Steel produced through the recycled route entails lower carbon emissions, resource consumption and energy utilization,” Tata Steel stated.

Simultaneously, the company has also launched two new brands – Tata FerroBaled and Tata FerroShred for the baled and shredded ferrous scrap produced in its new facility. “These products are high quality processed scrap, and they promise to provide the much-needed raw material fillip to Indian steel industry by making available quality processed ferrous scrap and reducing the dependency on imports.” Both new brands would promise high cleanliness, low contamination, high bulk density, lower tramp elements and no radioactivity. The products would be accompanied with test certificates – another first for the scrap industry – along with value propositions like higher yield, better productivity, lower conversion costs, less transportation and handling costs, and overall better quality. “Steel can be recycled again and again without losing its properties,” Yogesh Bedi, Chief Steel Recycling Business, Tata Steel, was cited. “From that perspective, steel scrap is a valuable resource and an important future raw material for steel making. Recycling scrap ensures the closure of the circular economy loop. The brand names will give a distinct identity to the processed scrap and ensure a standardized quality product for the customer and simultaneously raise the bar of the scrap Industry.”

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2021, Page 34, Photo: Tata Steel)