Nett Zero Targets Under Threat

The threat to oil and gas supplies from Russia with the war in Ukraine means a rethink on sustainable energy and net zero emissions is inevitable, according to Ranjit Baxi, Founder of the Global Recycling Foundation.

Mr Baxi said: “Governments are now being forced to re-evaluate the potential of fracking, digging for coal and oil exploration which will threaten net zero promises made at COP 26. Power supplies must be maintained, but that puts greater pressure on the search for sustainable alternatives. “It is now essential that we put greater effort into using waste to energy and recycling to mitigate what will inevitably be a spike in emissions if we want to prevent further climate change.

“While the whole of Europe faces up to severe disruption in oil and gas supplies and rising prices, we must make better use of readily available resources, and nothing is more readily available than the growing waste stream. Looking ahead, we need to accelerate investment and research over the next five years into green hydrogen which is generated entirely by renewable energy.”

Source: Global Recycling Foundation (London, March 10, 2022)