About Renewables, Hydrogen, and Fossil Fuels in Cases on the PRC: Europe 2022 Platform

May 30-31, 2022, and gathers O&G major companies to network, share their experience over the industry’s current situation, and showcase their solutions regarding the most cutting-edge topics of Downstream: hydrogen progressive development, renewable energy infrastructure, and fossil fuels future.

The hydrogen topic remains one of the most influential on the market. There is a prognosis that the developed hydrogen infrastructure may redraw the market map within the next decade because of its continuous popularity. Green and blue hydrogen get more and more attention, and the market is already interested in the increase of its production and cost reduction with the help of improved electrolysis technology. During the session dedicated to hydrogen questions, O&G majors are going to discuss the usage of different hydrogen types, their advantages and disadvantages, and processing technologies integration in refining and petrochemical operations.

Because of the global trends, it is crucial for the industry to improve market possibilities for renewable fuels and chemicals to remain competitive. To be economically effective, refineries have two ways: refinery and petrochemical integration or renewable fuels production. Both of those, no matter which one will be chosen, have to be planned in a long-term period to achieve the determined goals. As for another industry trend – energy transition – it is still the field that demands a strategic look, and how its possibilities could be implemented to the current development goals of the companies. All these questions are going to be discussed by the top-managers of the downstream companies during the Closing Panel of the PRC: Europe 2022.

The European region mostly gets energy from two sources: fossil fuels and renewable resources. Both share their part for several years straight, and both of them are vital for the European region’s needs. Petroleum and other fossil fuels infrastructure companies keep learning how to be sustainable and minimize the emissions each year. As for the overall share of energy from renewable sources, its influence is growing, but its usage is unstable in different European regions: some countries increase their consumption, some choose to mix it with other sources of energy. Insights from industry majors on impact of renewables and energy transition are the topics for the PRC: Europe 2022 Senior Vice President’s talk.

BGS Group, as the Congress organizer, keeps up with their partners directions and implements green initiatives inside the company. “There are several actions from our side regarding the recycling in BGS Group: we have decided to minimize the paper usage by providing our delegates with the digital copies of the Congress brochures instead of the printed ones, and all of participants of the PRC: Europe 2021 planted their own tree in the Cameroon forest. The latter was an eco-friendly present possible through a special service so that the animated trees’ growth can be seen in real time”, says BGS Group Managing Partner Kristina Sabirova.

The topics of plastic recycling and environmental sustainability, among the others, are represented in the PRC: Europe 2022 business program. Request the full business program via the link: www.bit.ly/3N3rKzE

Source: Petrochemical and Refining Congress (Finland, May 12, 2022)