Access Management to Waste Bins: Garbage Collection under Control

According to Sensoneo, the provider of smart waste management technologies, the new solution ensures that only authorized citizens can use the bins and facilitates the implementation of Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) within apartment houses and high-rise buildings.

Photo: Sensoneo

It is installed in the town of Dubnica, Slovakia. “Complaints about ‘waste tourists’ within housing estates areas who use the availability of containers to dump their waste have been very frequent. We want to make sure that our citizens pay only for the waste they generate. That is why we initiated proper recording and tracking of containers’ usage,” commented Mrs. Beniakova, the Head of Dubnica’s environment department, where they successfully deployed the solution.

As stated by Slovak-based Sensoneo, public availability of waste bins does not always mean the bins are available for everyone. “However, fencing or locking bins in cages is not always an option – especially if the visual aspect is important for the customer. Sensoneo’s Bin Access Management solution does not disturb the visual of the waste containers or their surroundings.”

Control who accesses the waste containers
The new product uses a resilient yet subtle electronic lock mounted into the containers to secure the opening of the lid by scanning a digital key – chip or a card. “Chip/card accesses are allocated remotely via an online platform, where an authorized employee updates them in real-time. A household can gain access to multiple containers or stands with a single chip.” The Bin Access

Photo: Sensoneo

Management solution would use NBIoT (Narrowband Internet of things) and/or Cat-M network (also known as LTE-M) for data transfer. In addition, it could easily be integrated via API (application programming interface) into current customers’ systems. Otherwise, customers were welcome to use the solution’s platform.

“The demand for a reliable solution for managing access to containers has been a very frequent request of our customers. Despite that we considered the market as sufficient in terms of the offer, the insights clearly proved there is an opportunity for an easy-to-deploy versatile solution that would answer the question of the gradual shutdown of the GPRS networks,” Sensoneo’s CEO Martin Basila reported. “The solution is primarily dedicated to (semi-) underground bins; however, it can be easily customized to other types of bins and containers thanks to a variable mounting kit.”

Real-time overview of the access log
Besides access management, the online platform would also provide an overview of bins and stands openings. “As a result, the city has accurate information on how many times a particular household has opened the container within a selected period and obtains a reliable basis for the potential deployment of PAYT,” the provider underlined. “Remote digital management of access to bins also represents a great opportunity for collection companies, especially if they manage recyclables and valuable commodities. Access to selected containers can be limited to selected drivers and workers. As the platform offers an instant online overview of who and when accessed bins, collection companies can prevent potential fraud and misuse.”

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2022, Page 15, Photo: Sensoneo)