Finland: Kuusakoski to Expand the Processing Capacity for Non-Ferrous Metals

Finnish recycling company Kuusakoski will invest 25 million Euro in a major new production line that is being built at the company’s recycling plant in Heinola.

The aim is to increase the recycling efficiency and the processing capacity for non-ferrous metals, including aluminum. As underlined by the company, the demand for recycled raw materials is growing. “During this decade, for example, the production of recycled aluminum will, for the first time, exceed that of primary aluminum.” In 2022, Kuusakoski had supplied its customers with the equivalent of all the aluminum needed for 2,000 new passenger aircraft.

“Nordic companies are investing heavily in the green transition, and today all discussions with our customers relate in one way or another to opportunities to build a more sustainable value chain using recycled raw materials”, Mikko Kuusilehto, President and CEO, was cited. “When this project is completed, our total non-ferrous metal processing capacity will increase by 50 percent. The investment will enable us to provide larger volumes of high purity recycled raw materials to the manufacturing industry.” As reported, the overall investment in non-ferrous metals processing is scheduled for completion in 2025.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2023, Page 47)