Co-Host OMV Invites Downstream Industry Colleagues to Visit PRC: Europe 2023

OMV is co-hosting the Petrochemical and Refining Congress: Europe 2023 in Austria on May 22-24. Within the Day 3 of the event, OMV and BGS Group invited a limited number of delegates to visit one of the largest and most modern inland refineries in Europe – OMV Schwechat Refinery.

OMV is Austria’s largest listed industrial company. As a global energy and chemicals company, OMV intends to become a leading provider of sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials by 2030 with a focus on circular economy solutions – and deliver on a pledge to reach net zero by 2050. OMV operates a total of three refineries: one in Schwechat (Austria) and one in Burghausen (South Germany), with both refineries also producing basic petrochemicals, along with the Refinery Petrobrazi (Romania).

Moreover, Otmar Schneider, Senior Vice President, Site Management Schwechat at OMV Downstream GmbH, will discuss OMV’s sustainable fuels. OMV strives to become the leading European producer of sustainable fuels and chemical feedstock. The company will reduce fossil fuel throughput in line with changing demand patterns while deepening integration with the Chemicals & Materials segment.

During the 3rd day of the Congress, PRC Europe participants will get an exclusive opportunity to learn about the Schwechat Refinery operations firsthand. For example, they can directly question the OMV representatives, get updates on OMV’s latest technology developments, including the innovative circular economy project – ReOil, and enjoy a bus tour through the Refinery area guided by site technicians. OMV is participating in PRC: Europe 2023 for the 6th consecutive year; moreover, the company co-hosted PRC: Europe 2020. Anne-Marie Kampf, Senior Project Manager at OMV Schwechat Refinery, shared her thoughts about the experience of attending PRC: Europe last year: “The Congress was very welcomed after two years of pandemic and online meetings and the fact that we met here face to face. We exchanged experiences, talked about troubleshooting and we met new colleagues and partners. This is really beneficial to everybody because only meeting face to face, reading the face and emotions in a room within a discussion can build trust and long-term partnerships”.

Сonnect with the experts from OMV Downstream GmbH and learn more about solutions that will lead the way for the future of refining. Join downstream leaders at the PRC Europe 2023:

Source: BGS Group (UK, May 02, 2023)