Torque Limiter for Direct Drives

The series ECPB from German manufacturer ENEMAC is a combination of a torque limiter with a clamping hub and a metal bellows coupling to avoid expensive damages through overload in the drive chain of recycling machines. The metal bellows ensure axial, angular and lateral offset compensation between the input and output shaft.

Available for disengagement torques between 0.5 Nm and 9,000 Nm, in 19 different sizes, the coupling with bellows is versatile. The clamping hub of the metal bellows coupling can accommodate bores between five and 130 millimeters (mm), the clamping hub in the safety part is available for shaft diameters between five and 120 mm. The metal bellows can compensate axial misalignments up to three mm, lateral up to 1.4 mm and angular up to 1 °.

The clamping hub, which is attached on both sides and is easy to assemble, connects the shaft and coupling free of clearance and with a positive fit. There is another version with an additional feather key groove on customer’s request. The quick and easy clamping by means of clamping hubs makes it easier for the fitter to install and remove the torque limiter and thus ensures short downtimes during system maintenance.

ENEMAC also offers this safety coupling as a corrosion-resistant variant ECPB_KS for demanding environments. For this purpose, the main components of the torque limiter are nitro-carburized or gas-nitrided and then oxidized. The built-in disc springs are coated, and the bearings’ small components are made of stainless steel. That makes the coupling type suitable for many outdoor applications and wherever moisture could become problematic.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2023, Page 45, Foto: ENEMAC)