An Innovative Approach to E-Waste: Newicon Collaborates with The Royal Mint

Tech company Newicon has partnered with The Royal Mint to address one of the UK’s most pressing environmental challenges – managing electronic waste.

Newicon joined forces with The Royal Mint’s Commercial Director Mark Loveridge and Darren Hunt, Head of Business Development, and Geoffrey Sampson, Director at Circulogic, at a workshop in Bristol to explore the issue.

The workshop focused specifically on identifying challenges within the electronic waste industry. Ross Harrington, Newicon’s Head of Design, led an ideas-storming session on finding ways to:

  • Eliminate complexities of recycling end-of-life IT equipment;
  • Find sustainable e-waste management solutions;
  • Improve logistics and product supply chain visibility;
  • Reduce the amount of waste electronic equipment shipped overseas and end unregulated disposal and smelting.

“The Royal Mint is continually striving for original products, inventive processes, and sustainable solutions. Whether it is extending expertise into precious metals investment products such as DigiGold or facilitating innovative ways to recover precious metals from electronic waste,” says Mark Loveridge.

Reflecting on the success of the session, Mr. Loveridge added, “The Royal Mint is looking to the future and making it brighter. Therefore, an innovation workshop into a reality seemed the perfect fit.”

To learn more about The Royal Mint initiative go to:

Newicon’s workshop innovation toolkit, used during the session, is available online. For more information, go to

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2023, Page 19, Photo: Newicon)