A Partnership to Optimize Scrap Treatment: Mughal Iron & Steel Industries & Panizzolo Recycling Systems

The steel industry is a sector of fundamental importance to the global economy as it provides essential materials for construction, the automotive industry, energy, and many other international sectors. In this context, Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited (MISIL) has emerged as one of the leading players in the steel industry in Pakistan, with a history of excellence spanning over 50 years.

In its commitment to innovation and operational excellence, MISIL has recognized the importance of improving its scrap treatment processes and maximizing the recovery of secondary raw materials. To achieve these goals, MISIL searched for a strategic partnership with a company specialized in scrap treatment and the recovery of secondary raw materials.

In this pursuit, MISIL was impressed by Panizzolo Recycling Systems, a company with extensive experience in the scrap treatment and recovery of secondary raw materials industry. The choice of Panizzolo as a technology partner was driven by the company’s solid and positive reputation in the field, high-quality technologies, and customer-oriented approach.

Photo: Panizzolo

The partnership between MISIL and Panizzolo Recycling Systems has proven instrumental in addressing operational challenges and capitalizing on improvement opportunities in the steel industry. This collaboration has enabled MISIL to implement innovative solutions and advanced technologies provided by Panizzolo, resulting in a significant enhancement of scrap treatment processes from electric motors, increased recovery of secondary raw materials, and improved operational efficiency.

Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited (MISIL) encountered a significant obstacle when it came to enhancing its scrap treatment and preparation procedures. Given that MISIL acquires raw materials in the form of scrap from various global sources, enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of these operations became imperative. This optimization was necessary to guarantee the most effective management of resources and the efficient utilization of secondary raw materials.

Among the planned investments, MISIL focused on the treatment of scrap from electric motors, which can weigh up to 40 kilogram. It was of vital importance to introduce a dedicated grinding and separation plant to maximize metal recovery from these scraps and enhance the overall process yield.

The reasons that led MISIL to choose Panizzolo were multiple and focused on the business side and the valorization of secondary raw materials:

  • Experience and expertise – Panizzolo Recycling Systems has a solid reputation in the scrap industry and boasts extensive experience in the efficient treatment and valorization of materials from various types of scrap. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge proved to be crucial in ensuring excellent management of treatment cycles and maximizing the recovery of metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, brass, and steel.
  • High-efficiency solutions – Panizzolo Recycling Systems offers technologically advanced solutions designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of scrap treatment processes. Their grinding and separation plants were capable of achieving a high degree of purity in the waste materials, allowing MISIL to obtain high-quality secondary raw materials ready to be used in production processes.
  • Complete and flexible treatment cycles – Panizzolo’s solutions covers the entire treatment cycle, from grinding to material separation, ensuring a continuous and controlled flow. The flexibility of the solutions offered allowed MISIL to adapt the processes to the specific needs and characteristics of the scrap electric motors to be treated, thereby maximizing metal recovery and optimizing overall yield.
  • Quality of secondary raw materials – The use of Panizzolo’s solutions enabled MISIL to obtain excellent quality secondary raw materials, with a high content of precious metals and low levels of contaminants. Thus, MISIL improved the quality of its steel products and ensure compliance with customer specifications.

Production benefits achieved by the customer
The technology provided by Panizzolo Recycling Systems stands as an ideal solution to address the challenge identified by MISIL in the treatment of electric motors and maximize the opportunity to valorize metal raw materials. The combination of unique features and strengths of Panizzolo’s solutions sets this technology apart from alternatives available in the market.

  • Hammer Mills
    Firstly, the specially designed hammer mills for intense grinding play a key role in the proposed treatment cycle. The structural quality of the machinery, particularly in handling heavy scrap, ensures strength and durability over time, enabling it to handle intense workloads without compromising performance. This aspect is particularly relevant for MISIL, as the company requires reliable and robust machinery to process a large quantity of electric motors from different sources.
  • Treatment Cycle and Software
    Another strength of Panizzolo’s solution is the simplicity and speed of maintenance operations. The machinery is designed to facilitate maintenance operations, minimizing plant downtime and reducing the need for highly specialized personnel for these activities. As a result MISIL can maintain continuous and profitable production cycles in the long run without significant interruptions. Plant management is made simple through the management and control software developed by Panizzolo, installed in each treatment island. This software minimizes operator involvement in machinery configuration and operation, simplifying daily operations and reducing the need for specialized personnel. Through efficient plant management MISIL can maximize productivity and achieve a smoother and more effective treatment cycle management
  • Periodic Controls and Maintenance
    In addition to ease of maintenance, Panizzolo’s machinery offers high energy savings. Thanks to an optimal balance between energy consumption and hourly material processed, these systems ensure high production efficiency while minimizing energy waste. This aspect is crucial for MISIL as it allows for operational cost optimization and enhances the economic sustainability of the entire treatment process.
  • Output Quality
    Lastly, Panizzolo’s technology stands out for its ability to valorize all metals in electric motors, avoiding the production of sub-categories of metal blends that are difficult to reintroduce into the production cycle. This aspect is crucial for MISIL as it maximizes the recovery of secondary raw materials, ensuring the highest value extraction from the outgoing materials and reducing waste.

In conclusion, the technology provided by Panizzolo Recycling Systems addresses the challenge and leverages the opportunity identified by MISIL in the treatment of electric motors, offering a comprehensive and advantageous solution. The strengths, such as the structural quality of the machinery, energy savings, ease of management, and maximized metal recovery provide a competitive advantage for MISIL in the market. Choosing this high-level solution strengthens MISIL’s position as a leading company in the steel industry and the valorization of secondary raw materials.

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(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2023, Page 48 -Advertorial-, Photo: Panizzolo)