Size Does Not Matter

The company HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH, situated in the middle of Germany, is a manufacturer of primary and secondary shredders. Since 1996 well-known HAMMEL shredders and processing plants are designed and produced and working worldwide in different applications.

When you look at the product range of the HAMMEL primary shredder, currently five models are available in either stationary electric versions or mobile with diesel engines. One of the models is the second biggest shredder, the HAMMEL VB 850 DK.

This model has been relaunched over the last few years and is subject to constant development. The newest version consists of the latest exhaust level STAGE 5 engine from the brand Cummins with 525 horsepower (hp). With this powerful engine, the shredder is capable of processing large-volume input materials such as waste wood (roots, pallets, logs, green waste), bulky goods and household waste and the shredding of aluminum profiles and bales, car bodies and light mixed scrap. Due to the multifunctional shafts, shredding the above-mentioned materials is equally possible and offers the customer total flexibility in usage. The HAMMEL VB 850 DK is self-driving via the crawler tracks and can be easily transported to various materials on the site.

The compact design and transport width of just 2.5 meters is a positive issue and offers extreme mobility advantages during road traffic transports. The long discharge belt with a discharge height of approx. 4,800 millimeters can be adjusted hydraulically, enabling high stockpiling of the output material. An optionally attached permanent over-belt magnet can sort out ferrous materials from the output material for optimal further processing in high-speed machines or screens. The design of the magnet installation will be improved to have an even better metal separation parallel to the discharge belt.

The new version of the HAMMEL VB 850 DK will be delivered soon to a customer in Germany. The machine will process wood waste, and the new magnet installation can be tested in an optimal way. Several demos will follow in the near future with different materials like industrial, household waste and aluminum profiles and blocks. Moreover, you will find this machine type at one of the upcoming exhibitions.

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(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2023, Page 50 -Advertorial-, Photo: HAMMEL)