M&J Recycling Invests Heavily in Automation

Doubling the capacity. Easier and safer handling. Massive carbon savings. These are just some of the many advantages of the new fully automated welding robot cell that M&J Recycling has recently inaugurated at its factory.

The high-quality and well-designed shafts are the heart of M&J Recycling’s shredders and, therefore, a constant focus for optimization. This is especially true in light of the company’s strong growth in recent years and they are ambitious plans to significantly accelerate production in the coming years. M&J began the journey to automate the production flow back in 2010, and with this new next-generation welding robot cell, a wide range of manual processes is eliminated, resulting in an actual doubling of capacity. At the same time, the robot’s heating method (induction instead of a gas source) ensures that no energy is lost, resulting in significant carbon savings.

“There is much to be excited about with our new welding robot. We’ve used robotics for more than ten years, so the technology and process are not new to us. However, the new investment turbocharges our production output as even more processes will be automated. This shortens delivery time and secures even higher product quality, and not least, it helps us meet our ambitious ESG goals. In fact, the welding robot alone will reduce our overall carbon emissions by 20%,” says CEO Uffe Hansen.

Jeppe Keller Jensen, Business Manager at Horsens Municipality was invited to speak and cut the ribbon and he said: “It is important that we have companies like M&J Recycling here in Horsens Municipality – companies that lead the way and invest in new technology. You are being innovative, creating jobs and contributing to the economic development of our local society.”

The welding robot is precise to the millimeter and significantly simplifies the employees’ lives day with proper working postures and easy programming. The robot handles the welding of the knives from start to finish, and employees can change the shaft design with the push of a button. Everything is pre-programmed and automated for seamless and highly efficient production of shafts for any M&J Recycling shredder model.

“We have spent about two years developing a fully automated robot cell, which is by far the single largest production investment the company has ever made. Therefore, it’s a fantastic feeling for everyone who has been involved in the process to finally see it in action,” says Kasper Hansen, Head of global Supply Chain.


Source: M&J Recycling (Horsens (Denmark), December 14, 2023)