Future Opportunities in the Gulf Region

Sustainability will be the governing force, driving the change on how waste is addressed in this region. According to a new study conducted by the consulting company Frost & Sullivan‘s Energy and Environment Research Team, the rise in waste, especially municipal waste, is likely to become a major reason for concern for the Gulf Cooperation […]

India: Recycling of Old Cars and Trucks

In India, there are plans to build the country’s first vehicle shredding and recycling center. According to Indian Media and News Agency Reuters, the company Mahindra Intertrade will set up the first plant in partnership with state-controlled MSTC Limited near a port. It is intended that operations begin in early 2018. As reported, India is […]

Modernization of the Iranian Raw Materials Sector: Chances for Investors and Providers

The BGR has collected the main facts about the resource potential of the country and the most important investment plans regarding the raw material sector in a short report called “Iran – current position of the raw materials management industry “. Iran has significant hydrocarbon stocks but emerges regionally as an important producer of mineral […]

Turkey Introduces Incentives for Investments

As was reported by Invest in Turkey, the investment support and promotion agency of the country, a new tax law was published in the Official Gazette on August 9, 2016, and thereby entered into force. Aim is to improve the investment climate in Turkey. “Drafted with an aim to ease burdens that might hinder the […]

Plans to Launch a “World Council of Recycling Associations”

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) is spearheading the formation of a new body “to take forward the message of facilitating free and fair trade of recyclables with minimum regulatory controls,” it was announced at the body’s Annual General Assembly in Berlin. According to BIR President Ranjit Baxi of UK-based J&H Sales International, the “World […]

Second life for electric vehicle batteries: Hong Kong asks for innovative ideas

The Hong Kong Environment Bureau (ENB) has launched an International Competition on Second Life for Retired Batteries from Electric Vehicles (EV) to help identify innovative and practical ideas for second-life applications of retired EV batteries. In Hong Kong, the Government’s promotion of EV has led to an almost 60-fold increase in the EV population in […]

Latin America: A Market with Great Potential

At the recent World Recycling Convention in Berlin, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) staged another meeting of its Latin America Committee (LAC). The gathering provided an opportunity to foster relationships between people already active in the Latin American market and those interested in developing trading links with a region which – according to LAC […]

Colombia Plans Major Projects

Colombia’s environmental sector has made strong progress, but recycling rarely occurs. The lion’s share of the Colombian waste lands on authorized disposal sites and waste management facilities. The size of the amount can only be estimated. “According to information of the supervisory authority Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios (SSPD), Colombia’s waste generation reached 26,528 tons […]

Brazil: New Guidelines Highlight Trade and Investment

After the suspension of the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff for an impeachment trial, the new interim government of the country intends to revive the stalled economy. With this in mind, the politicians worked out a new foreign policy guideline, which underlines trade and investment. As is reported by the Montevideo-based online news agency MercoPress, new […]

Austin (Texas): New Industrial Park for Recycling and Reuse Industry

Interested companies should hurry: Until 19 October 2015 the City of Austin is accepting letters of interest from potential recycling and reuse industry tenants interested in locating at Austin‘s [re]Manufacturing Hub. This new industrial park, located on redeveloped land owned by Austin Resource Recovery, is positioned to become a home for the local circular economy […]