Patagonia: Shredding Old Fishing Nets with Austrian Technique

Chilean plastics recycler Comberplast has successfully shredded old fishing nets and ropes collected from the Patagonian coasts for the past year with the shredder type Micromat 1500 from Austrian company Lindner. Nature lovers and globetrotters alike love Patagonia, the region at the southern end of South America, governed by Argentina and Chile. Michel Compagnon from […]

New Shredder from ARJES Takes Recycling Company to a Next Level

The British recycler Copia Metals & Waste Limited was looking for a machine sturdy enough to meet the high standards for waste and metal processing. Therefore, they purchased the ARJES IMPAKTOR 250 evo. Husband and wife team Myles and Aimee have always been involved in the recycling industry. Aimee’s father ran a successful waste and […]

Conveyor Belts for Modern Sorting Technology

Even though the heart of the Austrian-based company beats for sorting technology, Redwave saw the need to invest in the research and development of conveyor belts specially optimized for use in the recycling sector. “In the past, we often had to live with compromise solutions when purchasing standardized conveyor belts. In many cases, the systems […]

Veolia Ordered Three SamurAI Sorting Robots

Machinex will deliver three sorting robots on behalf of Veolia group, which will be installed at Bègles, near Bordeaux in France. The implementation of these robots will take place as part of modernization work on the single-stream material recovery facility (MRF), provided for the public service delegation contract for recovery and treatment of domestic waste […]

“Bridge Breaker” Allows Accurate Dosing

The pneumatically operated device that is deployed inside one of the hoppers in a gravimetric blender makes possible accurate dosing of regrind, recycled plastics, and other ingredients that tend to agglomerate or “bridge”. USA-based Maguire Products, Inc. has introduced the new “bridge breaker” for its three largest blender series, those with maximum throughput capacities of […]

PICVISA: Transforming the Recycling Industry with the new ECOPICK 2.0

Three years after installing the first ECOPICK unit in a sorting plant, PICVISA launches ECOPICK 2.0. The company has introduced changes to the robot that is transforming the recycling industry in line with its mission and innovative vision that has positioned itself as a leading player in the sector. Easy to instal and mantain One […]

Upgrade Component for VacuFil Recycling System

German-based BB Engineering GmbH has expanded its melt filter portfolio to include a patented large-area vacuum filter designed especially for processing polyester waste. The so-called Visco+ filter is already known as the key component of the BB Engineering VacuFil recycling system. Now, it is also available as a separate and easily-integratable upgrade component for existing […]

Plastic Sorting: Distinguishing between HDPE and LDPE

By launching two applications for its mobile NIR spectroscopy solution, trinamiX (a subsidiary of BASF SE) is improving on-the-spot sorting of the sought-after plastic. Due to rising prices for polyethylene (PE), the production of single-grade PE recyclates has become increasingly attractive: This material is the most widely produced plastic in the world and the most […]

Presona: All About Compacting Different Materials

Sweden-based company Presona AB designs and manufactures balers with pre-pressing technology for efficient baling of the different materials – from paper and plastic to household and industrial waste. The product range also includes pneumatic waste extraction systems for the graphics industry and paper and packaging manufacturers. However, also Presona has been affected by the restrictions […]

Philippines’ Waste and the Ban of Incineration

September 01, 2020, Win Gatchalian, Senator of the Republic, held a privilege speech at the Senate of the Philippines. In his words, “the Philippines is facing a garbage crisis” that requires immediate concerted action from the government and civil society. “And we need to act now before it is too late.” Will the country overcome […]