Pallet Manufacturer, Košćal, Expands Business Field with Briquette Production Using by RUF Systems

Thousands of tons of wood chips are produced yearly during the production of wooden pallets. Instead of selling them for a pittance, the croatian pallet manufacturer Košćal invested in its first briquetting system from RUF, Zaisertshofen, about ten years ago and thereby increased the value of their wood residuals tenfold. In the meantime briquetting with […]

International Tender: Construction of a Plant to Treat Dried Sludge in Italy

It is for information to all concerned that 6th of February 2020 is the new deadline to present offers for the International Bid that had been launched by Acque Del Chiampo and Medio Chiampo in August 2019, for the construction of a new treatment plant to treat dried sludge. The two Italian publicly controlled companies […]

Belgian Separation Technology Dominates the Global Plastic Recycling Transition

If you think about Belgium, you think about beer, chocolate and waffles. A lesser-known fact about the Belgians is that they are frontrunners in the global recycling industry. Not only can Belgian recycling companies boast one of the best recycling rates, but the country is also home to various technology providers, one of which is […]

Panizzolo Mega 1500: Decisive Role for Metal Valorization

Due to non-performing recycling plants, a considerable quantity of metals cannot be reintroduced into the production cycle in Europe every year, says Italy-based manufacturer Panizzolo. Not having a sufficient degree of cleaning and separation, these outputs are lost in landfills, incinerators or in exports to countries with low environmental policies. “Panizzolo Recycling Systems avoids vague […]

New Plant for Plastic Recycling in Thailand

The multinational group Suez will build a recycling facility that turns plastic waste into circular polymers, in Bang Phli district (Thailand). According to the company’s information in June this year, the future plant near Bangkok would “contribute to Thailand’s ambitious 2030 target to achieve 100 percent plastic recycling”. The plan includes that it will convert […]

CW Dewiring: Improves Working Safety and Lowers Labor Costs

The beginning of Cross Wrap dates back to 1992 when the founder of the Finland-based company had the vision for an innovative way of wrapping square bales and other rectangular end products. Two years later the first Cross Wrap machine was built. Nowadays, the company has installed machines in over 50 countries. Nevertheless, in all […]

Intelligent Management Systems by ECOVE

Taiwan-based company ECOVE boosts “resource cycling efficiency” of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plants by iO&M (intelligent operation and maintenance systems). Once dubbed “garbage island” for its overflowing landfills and filthy streets, Taiwan now has Asia’s highest rate of recycling and is a role model for the region. As the leading company of the resource recycling industry in […]

Eldan Launches the Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Tire Shredder

Eldan Recycling, Danish manufacturer of recycling equipment, has launched their new Twin Shaft Clean-Cut Shredder for production of clean-cut tire chips from car or truck tires. Two frequency converters ensure a very flexible operation, i.e. individual setting of rpm, overload protection, auto reverse at overload and high torque from zero RPM. And they offer up […]

New Overband Magnet from Bunting Magnetics

Bunting Magnetics is offering a new low-profile electro overband magnet, which was launched at Bauma 2019. The new product, called the ‘ElectroMax’, is 185 percent stronger than equivalent permanent overband magnets and 25 percent lighter, the provider explained. It “is ideally suited for any application where there are weight and size suspension limitations. Traditionally, mobile […]

New Portable XRF Spectrometer

As a provider of solutions regarding materials characterization, Malvern Panalytical has launched a new generation of Epsilon 1 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers. “This compact yet powerful instrument is a mainstay across industry, enabling fast and reproducible elemental analysis – but now with greater flexibility and precision than ever before,” the company describes its new product. […]