The New XHW Primary Grinder: Improved Performance and Reduced Consumption

Forrec is an Italian company that designs, manufactures, installs and manages single machines and complete plants for waste treatment. For years, Forrec has been working in the field of machinery for the recycling of metals, MSW, plastics, paper and WEEE, constantly investing in research and development for optimizing recycling lines. In Spain, Forrec is supported by PacMachinery, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

Recently, Forrec presented the latest line of XHW primary shredders. This new model represents a qualitative leap in the world of recycling lines, combining power, efficiency and advanced technology to handle even the most complex and bulky waste, guaranteeing exceptional performance and operational sustainability.

Photo: Forrec

The primary shredders play a crucial role in the recycling process, transforming heterogeneous and bulky materials into manageable fragments that can be further processed. The efficiency of this step determines the effectiveness of the entire recycling process, reducing costs and environmental impact.

The XHW primary grinder, with its state-of-the-art features, is the ideal solution to optimise this process, offering superior volumetric reduction and optimal preparation of materials for subsequent recycling steps.


Some features of the XHW grinder are:

  • Enlarged cutting chamber: with a volume of 7.8 cubic metres, the machine can handle very bulky and bulky materials;
  • Improved material flow: the large dedicated space facilitates the processing of expandable materials in post-processing, ensuring optimal flow;
  • Improved machine access: semi-automatic tailgate opening and easy-closing front inspection doors improve maintenance and daily operation;
  • Rotor innovations: thanks to 69 concave plates mounted on interchangeable supports, material cuts become sharper. The rotor has also been coated with wear-resistant material to maintain high performance and reduce maintenance and downtime.

In addition, the type of sieve can be changed depending on the output to be achieved. In fact, the six grinding grids can have the following configuration:

  • Flap sieve: ideal for higher productivity, with medium and not extremely precise dimensions.
  • Round hole: for lower productivity, but with more precise sizes.

Innovation, reliability and sustainability characterize each Forrec machine, which incorporates advanced technologies for higher productivity, reduced downtime and lower consumption.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2024, Page 50 -Advertorial-, Photo: Forrec)