COVID-19: Update by BIR Member National Associations: The World Moves Tentatively into Reopening Phase

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, BIR has sought to collate expert feedback on the impact of the virus around the world, with specific regard to how it is affecting the recycling industry. This latest update has been sourced from the world recycling organization’s network of member national associations. Please also check our related […]

Recycling in Vietnam

In Vietnam – like in other Asian countries as well – recycling is handled by the informal sector – either family businesses or small scale enterprises specialized in recycling of waste materials. Jim Selkin, a professional photographer, art director and writer currently working in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), wrote two photo reportages on grassroots […]

Update by BIR Ambassadors: Lockdowns Exert a Stranglehold on Scrap Supply

In the latest of our series of updates on the world’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BIR Ambassadors have provided a summary of the impact of the virus on their respective countries and regions, and on the recycling sector in particular. The pandemic is now well controlled in both mainland China and Taiwan; however, some […]

Covid-19 Update: Fragmented Picture for Under-Pressure Recycling Industry

BIR continues to gather expert updates on the impact of COVID-19 on international recycling markets. Even though China, the starting point for the pandemic, has passed its peak of infections and is taking tentative steps towards a return to normality, Europe and many other parts of the world are still a long way from that […]

Strategic Partnership: Michelin and Enviro Partner to Develop an Innovative Technology to Transform Used Tires Into Raw Materials

Scandinavian Enviro Systems is conducting a private placement of approximately MSEK 32.5 as part of a strategic partnership with Michelin. The Board of Directors of Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro), has in accordance with a letter of intent regarding a long-term strategic partnership with the French global tyre manufacturer Michelin, today resolved to conduct a private […]

New Charger for the Increasing Demand

Eriez Europe has invested in another capacitive charger to keep up with increasing demand to provide magnets with a superior magnetic field and guaranteed performance strength for separation processes. The new charger will be used to magnetize permanent ferrite and rare earth magnetic assemblies, such as Eriez’ range of suspended permanent magnets, which are most […]

Tomra Sorting ebook: Details the Potential Artificial Intelligence Holds for the Recycling Industry

Imitating human learning, deep learning shows promise to find solutions to sorting challenges where none currently exist. Deep learning is on the rise in the recycling industry, according to the new eBook “Harnessing the Potential of AI” from the global leader in sensor-based sorting, Tomra Sorting Recycling. Dispelling a common misconception about AI, this latest […]

COVID-19 Update : BIR Contacts Governments and Shipping Lines to Alleviate Impact of Port Shutdowns

BIR has officially contacted governments, shipping lines and their international organizations, as well as port authorities, so that they support the recycling industries’ request to waive costs and fees on containers stuck in ports due to government shutdowns, as well as ground charge for stuck containers. BIR is also promoting the implementation of ‘green lanes’ […]

Tire Recycling: Breaking the Sulfur-to-Sulfur Bonds

“The chemistry of the tire is very complex and does not lend itself to degradation – for good reason,” argues Michael A. Brook, a professor in the Chemistry Department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. “The properties that make tires so durable and stable on the road also make them exceptionally difficult to break down […]

New Plant in India

Austria-based company Constantia Flexibles officially unveiled a new plant in Ahmedabad (India). The firm’s Ecoflex plant opened in November last year after more than two years of intensive preparations. In total, it has an area of 24,500 square meters and currently employs 50 people. The number is expected to triple by the second quarter of […]