The WEEE Forum Appoints Global Ambassador to Support its Worldwide Focus

In order to continue to share and enhance its e-waste operational know-how throughout the world, the WEEE Forum appoints Philip Morton, its former President, as ‘global ambassador’, tasked with encouraging start-up e-waste take back organisations across the globe to join the WEEE Forum family. In the past few years, many countries in the world adopted […]

Ranjit Baxi Sets 1 Billion Outreach Goal for Next Year’s Global Recycling Day

Dubbed the “United Nations of Recycling”, the World Council of Recycling Associations (WCRA) convened in Singapore on May 21 to hear about a hugely successful Global Recycling Day 2019. The event held on March 18 this year registered at least 275 media hits and racked up an outreach exceeding 687 million people around the world, […]

International Environment Council: New Listings for Plastics Waste

New listings agreed at the United Nations’ recent Basel Convention meeting in Geneva will effectively re-categorise non-hazardous plastic waste that is not recyclable or is difficult to recycle as requiring special consideration. This is almost certain to lead to a reduction in transboundary movements of these materials, it was reported by BIR’s Trade & Environment […]

International Trade Council: “We need to educate people that we are the solution,” insists outgoing BIR President

Recycling makes an annual contribution of US$ 350 billion to global GDP and this figure is forecast to rise to US$ 500 billion by 2025. By that same year, the recycling industry is likely to be responsible for the annual saving of a billion tonnes of carbon emissions. “This industry has a brilliant future,” declared […]

Tom Bird Carries “Great Optimism” into his Role as BIR’s Latest World President

With recycling representing “a major solution” to the problems of the environment, the recycling industry must strive to show the important role it is playing in safeguarding the future of the planet. So said the BIR’s new World President Tom Bird, Chief Operating Officer of Hong Kong-based Chiho Environmental Group. His initial two-year term was […]

General Assembly: Andy Wahl Appointed as Interim BIR Treasurer

Andreas “Andy” Wahl, President of TAV Holdings Inc. (USA), has been appointed as interim BIR Treasurer following the election of previous Treasurer Tom Bird as the global federation’s World President. Mr Wahl will fill this position until the end of the Treasurer’s mandate in May 2020. A familiar figure within BIR for many years, Andy […]

General Assembly: Tom Bird Elected New BIR President

At the 2019 General Assembly of the Bureau of International Recycling on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 in Singapore, the world recycling body elected its new President, the British national William T. Bird of Chiho Environmental Group. A long-standing and very active member of the organisation, Mr Bird was approved by the General Assembly for a […]

The UN’s Basel Convention Takes Significant Steps against Marine Plastics, Microplastics and Plastic Littering

BIR Trade & Environment Director Ross Bartley has attended marathon meetings of the Basel Convention in Geneva over the last two weeks. Countries across the world worked together to create a step-change in the Basel Convention itself in order to alleviate the damage plastic does to life in the oceans and on land. The significant […]

Recycled Glass Market to Exceed $4.4bn by 2025 with 7.6% CAGR

According to growth forecast analysis by Global Market Insights, Inc. the size of Recycled Glass Market will hit USD 4.4 billion by 2025. Recycled glass is a sustainable material providing boundless ecological aids including contribution to mitigating climate change and saving valuable natural resources as vitric products can be recycled in close loop endlessly. On […]

Martin Böschen new President of BIR Textiles Division

The board of the BIR Textiles Division has appointed Mr Martin Böschen as new divisional President. Mr Böschen is CEO of TEXAID AG, a charity-private partnership based in Switzerland focused on the collection, sorting and recycling of used textiles, with activities in several European countries. He has been working in this position since 2004 and […]