Over 50% Virgin Plastics Substituted in Shrink Film – APK’s Newcycling® LDPE Recyclate Delivers on Shrinkage and Film Thickness

Broadening the market potential of plastic recyclates and thereby furthering the uptake of recycled content across Europe is APK AG’s core objective. The innovative recycling company from Merseburg, Germany has tested the performance of its Newcycling® LDPE recyclates in shrink films during several projects undertaken over the course of this past year. Primary test results […]

SABIC Expands Post-Consumer Recycled Engineering Thermoplastics for Consumer Electronics and E&E Applications

Responding to calls from major brands in the consumer electronics business and electrics and electronics (E&E) industry as a whole for more sustainable materials, SABIC – a global leader in the chemical industry – announced that its engineering thermoplastics business is expanding its portfolio of CYCOLOY™ and LEXAN™ resins containing high levels of post-consumer recycled […]

Enhancement of Recycling of Steelworks Remnants by the SCARABAEUS®

Most metallurgical processes are characterized by a gas flow stream through a material bed. Thus fine particles are carried away and have to be filtered after the metallurgical devise. Every modern metallurgical plant, no matter if based on the blast furnace process, oxygen steelmaking process, electric arc furnace, or direct reduction process consists of filters […]

NiMH Batteries: Better Performance Thanks to Recycling

Swedish researchers have found out that a new method for recycling old batteries can provide better performing and cheaper rechargeable hydride batteries (NiMH). “The new method allows the upcycled material to be used directly in new battery production,” Dag Noréus is quoted. The professor at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University, […]

Pilot Plug and Play Recycling Facility in Dubai

End of June this year, Proteco – a division of Singapore based company Yes Full Circle (YFC) – has launched a pilot facility that provides integrated brand protection, secure destruction and closed-loop/zero-landfill recycling solutions. According to the company, the facility uses proprietary technology to provide full traceability to confirm and validate the destruction and recycling […]

Wastewater doesn’t lie: Corona-Virus recognized via Wastewater Treatment Plants

The uncertainty caused by the Corona-Virus or Covid-19 respectively is based on nescience about the number of people infected. Wastewater based epidemiology delivers a relatively new method to gain insights into the dissemination of the pathogen. Which possibilities this procedural method offers and which difficulties might occur are issues researchers all over the world try […]

Possible Uses of Vortex Layer Systems

According to the author, this techno­logy is suitable for treatment, neutralization and disposal of various waste materials: Vortex Layer Systems is tested and can, for example, improve the quality of wastewater treatment. So far, there is no scientific and technological achievements which could improve the life of the human race on a global planetary scale. […]

Chemical Recycling of Plastic – Waste No More?

When it comes to the circular economy transition, plastics recycling is as much of a challenge as an opportunity. Today, around 25.8 million tons of plastic waste are generated in Europe every year, with less than 30 percent of it getting collected for recycling. This is a huge loss of valuable resources to the economy, […]

Cooperation Secures Plastic Waste for Fuel Production

Norwegian companies Quantafuel and Geminor have entered a cooperation agreement to secure deliveries of plastic waste to Quantafuel’s plants for fuel production. Since 2007 energy firm Quantafuel AS has developed and tested its own patented catalyst solution that converts plastic waste into low emission fuels and products for the petrochemical industry, a press release said. […]

French-Singaporean Cooperation on E-Waste

In March, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA – Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) launched a research center to develop innovative e-waste recycling technologies. The new center – named the NTU Singapore-CEA Alliance for Research in Circular Economy (NTU SCARCE) – will focus […]