Familiar Technology – Redefined

Shredding and screening are the key processing steps needed to turn waste into the desired raw material. As familiar as they may be, Komptech can always find ways to give them a new spin.

Whether wood, biomass, green cuttings or organic waste, waste treatment will always be influenced in a fundamental way by the shredding at the start and the screening at the end of the process. In shredding the material is not chopped with sharp blades like in a chipper, but reduced to small pieces with blunt teeth. The resulting breakage gives the pieces comparatively large surface area, promoting faster biodegrading and thus better composting. Komptech offers a notably wide variety of shredding machines to cover any imaginable application.

High and low speed: Right for their jobs

The low-speed dual-shaft Crambo direct has an extra-large shredding chamber with two 2.8 meter counterrotating toothed drums that ensure positive feed. From bulky branches and cuttings to rootstocks of any size, to used wood contaminated with contraries, it shreds the material all down to a set granular size. The degree of shredding can be adjusted flexibly.

The mobile Crambo direct is powered by a modern Caterpillar diesel engine with the latest exhaust scrubbing and has a drive train that combines the functionality of hydraulic with the efficiency of mechanical drive. The Crambo is also still available in a pure hydraulic version as well.

The high-speed Axtor universal chipper is one of the most flexible machines for processing wood and green cuttings. In shredder mode with free-swinging teeth it makes material for composting, while in chipper mode with fixed blades and lower speed it makes biomass fuel for heating plants. Conversion from one mode to another is fast and easy. Its most important features are a low-emissions Caterpillar diesel engine in a maintenance-friendly underfloor position, and above it a wide-area forward-facing feed with aggressive intake and high 100 centimeter clearance. Everything that goes on the feed ramp is immediately captured and taken in by the feed system. The machine is capable of up to 300 cubic meters per hour.

Star or drum – it is the utility that matters

Drum screens like the Nemus shown here are very robust and proven machines (Photo: Komptech)

Komptech has a lot to offer in screening as well. The Multistar mobile star screens can split material into up to three fractions in one pass, while at the same time breaking up clumps. What is more, the operator can change the grain size of the fractions within seconds from the control panel. Easy operation, efficient electric drive with current from a diesel generator or directly from the grid, and additional options like wind sifter, magnet and rock trap make Komptech a star screen technology leader. Drum screening is a robust, highly functional technology. It can be used for any task, be it biomass, compost or soil production. On Komptech machines the drum can be changed simply and quickly for wide flexibility, while delivering heavy-duty performance under extreme conditions and with difficult materials. Most problems can be dealt with easily by the operator. The technology is tough and proven effective. With the Primus, Maxx, Nemus and the electric-powered Cribus series, Komptech offers a wide range of drum screens that cover any customer requirement.

The new Multistar One

The new Multistar One star screen makes treatment of waste wood and biomass even more efficient. It separates out a defined useful fraction while returning overlengths to an upstream shredder like a Crambo or Terminator. With a feed hopper designed for precise material transfer to the generously dimensioned screen deck, a discharge conveyor with four meter discharge height and a return conveyor that can pivot through 220 C°, the new one realizes a throughput of up to 200 cubic meters per hour. Its very compact crane lift frame and variable conveyors for flexible setup, plus electric drive, make it a highly economical machine.


Photo: Komptech

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