Eddy Current Separator with Eccentric Rotor: Type SFME-29

The Spanish provider of separating equipment, Felemamg, introduced its first eccentric rotor separator in 2009, improving significantly the quality of this type of separators, which have existed in the market so far.

In the model SFME-29 an eccentric magnetic rotor of 271 millimeters diameter and an envelope diameter of 395 millimeters are implemented.

Thanks to this level of eccentricity, the protective fiber envelope of the magnetic rotor does not need maintenance and the maintenance of the conveyor belt drops hugely. Furthermore, the adjustable position and the number of poles of the magnetic rotor, depending on the granulometry and the material to be treated itself, make the separator come out perfectly adjusted from the factory to give a maximum separation performance.

As part of the integral separator design and focused to provide the highest degree of safety during operation of the separator, the machine is supplied with a cowling high-rise, preventing that possible pieces can roll or finish coming out of the machine. In the same way, these separators have a front cowling.

During these years, the separator has received very positive feedback from users since it improves the performance in a remarkable way with respect to the classic concentric separator by reducing its maintenance and increasing their good separation yields. The SFME-29 separators can be supplied in a basic way, only with its electric cabinet, or with different optional elements as vibrating feeder (recommended for a high performance separation), hoppers output products or cowling upper.


Photo: Felemamg

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