Worldwide Demand for Carbon Black

The increasing use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable products in various applications, such as a tire, non-tire rubber, plastics, coatings, and inks, is expected to drive the recovered carbon black (rCB) market.

According to the new research report regarding the global recovered carbon black market, published by Indian based research company MarketsandMarkets, the value is projected to reach 491 million US-Dollar by 2023 – at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 55.0 percent between 2018 and 2023. In 2018, the market size was estimated at 55 million US-Dollar.

As reported, the rCB market has been segmented into five applications: tire, non-tire rubber, plastics, coatings, and inks. “The tire application is the dominant segment,” the company MarketsandMarkets stated. Recovered carbon black was used as a reinforcing filler in tires and is also used to impart color to tires. Furthermore, it is acceptable for use in several parts of tires such as inner-liners, carcasses, sidewalls, and treads, based on the specific performance requirements.

In light of the situation, it is not surprising that recycling companies like Swedish Scandinavian Enviro Systems note stronger demand. “The tire and rubber industries are facing challenges both when it comes to producer responsibility laws and increasing their use of recovered materials. Enviro’s recovered carbon black is a given solution for both issues, and it shows in our sales efforts,” Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Scandinavian Enviro Systems, was quoted.

(GR 22019S)