COVID-19 Update : BIR Contacts Governments and Shipping Lines to Alleviate Impact of Port Shutdowns

BIR has officially contacted governments, shipping lines and their international organizations, as well as port authorities, so that they support the recycling industries’ request to waive costs and fees on containers stuck in ports due to government shutdowns, as well as ground charge for stuck containers.

BIR is also promoting the implementation of ‘green lanes’ in order to expedite trade in goods, including in recyclables.

Various governments, in order to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus, have restricted the movements of their citizens, and sometimes goods. This has an impact on the movement of recyclables from facilities in exporting countries to facilities in importing countries.

Even if a number of governments have classified recycling as essential activities (see BIR’s appeal to Governments), hence easing the operations of our members, BIR expresses concerns of the consequences for our members where seaports are locked down.

The recycling industries have a long relationship with shipping lines and ports and cooperation into the future will remain as the volumes of recyclables are predicted to increase for the coming decades.

Source: BIR – Bureau of International Recycling (Brussels 7th of April, 2020)