Ice Cream Brand Uses Tubs Made with Recycled Plastic

Ice cream brand Magnum became the first to use SABIC’s certified circular polypropylene “TruCircle” that uses feedstock made from recycling used, mixed plastic.

Over seven million tubs made with recycled plastic are rolled out across Europe in 2020 and due to be launched globally from 2021 onwards.

According to manufacturer SABIC, after a successful pilot launch in Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands last year, the full roll out across all European countries is another step to offer more sustainable packaging to consumers. The new tubs have been developed in close collaboration of Unilever and SABIC. The material uses post-consumer mixed plastic as feedstock, which is broken down into its molecular building blocks, to create virgin plastics which are then used to produce these new recyclable ice cream tubs. As emphasized, by end of 2020, Magnum will use an estimated 160,000 kilograms of certified recycled plastic material.

(GR32020, Page 10, Photo: Bruno/Germany / Pixabay)