Orkel: The Portable Solution for Adaptable Waste Management

Starting as an agricultural machinery manufacturer, Orkel has developed its equipment for the waste management sector due to the skyrocketing demand for a portable solution. Today, Orkel’s industrial compactor range provides machinery equipped to handle household waste, which has been widely implemented into Taiwan’s waste management strategy.

Working closely with the customers allowed for a unique insight into the Taiwanese customer Feng Hong’s daily operation, resulting in a viral response online due to the staggering photos provided. Pictured is Feng Hong’s latest project in the county of Yunlin, Taiwan: A governmental clean-up project where Feng Hong was hired to uncover old landfills before commencing the process of handling the abandoned waste. Originally consisting of municipal waste, most of the biodegradable waste was already decomposed from the prolonged age of the landfill, leaving the remaining waste consisting of mainly plastic and other resilient waste groups.

Photo: Orkel

Initiating waste baling, Feng Hong utilized the Orkel Hi-X evo compactor rigged with bale wrap consisting of partly recycled plastic. After an extensive operation, they calculated the weight of each high-density bale to fall between 600 – 800 kg. Once transferred from loose material to dense compartments, the bales were secured and stored as pictured, providing a more efficient storage and transport option.

The bales are shipped to waste processing plants once capacity allows it. There they are opened, and the material sorted for further processing. Eventually, most waste bales end up either recycled or used for energy generation in local energy plants. As an increasing number of countries worldwide become aware of the importance of a robust national waste management system, the demand for insight into material properties grows more apparent. To initiate a dialogue around the “baleability” of your material, you find the email of the company’s Global Waste and Sustainability Manager Miriam Gjønnes Karterud below.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2022, Page 54, Advertorial, Photo: Orkel)