A Shredder Not Only for RDF Preparation

Many companies use the VEZ 3200 pre-shredder for more than just RDF tasks, German manufacturer Vecoplan says.

According to the company, since its market launch in 2018, the feedback from manufacturers of RDF (Refuse-derived fuels) for the VEZ 3200 (Vecoplan RDF shredder) has been outstanding. “With the VEZ 3200, plant operators can process materials such as household, industrial and production waste, and even bulky waste in either one or two stages – with the result that the machine is being increasingly used in the recycling industry.”

“We were able to place a lot of machines in the global market,” Martina Schmidt, Head of the Recycling I Waste division of the engineering company, is quoted. The VEZ was low-maintenance and had excellent levels of throughput capacity and energy efficiency. These qualities have convinced many companies.

As reported, more and more cement works are relying on RDFs to reduce the use of expensive primary fuels such as coal and oil in their particularly energy-intensive production, but also to minimize their environmentally harmful CO2 emissions. In the past, RDFs processed from household, industrial and commercial waste were usually only fed into main burners, with the material pre-shredded and post-shredded in a two-stage process, which achieved the required quality. To raise the substitution rate even more, however, an increasing number of plant operators are also using the processed RDFs at the calciner. Here the material must have a high degree of homogeneity, but not the very fine grain size that is required for the main burner. “The VEZ 3200 is so powerful that it can produce a specific particle size of output material in a one-stage process, so these users now need only one shredder,” Vecoplan assures. An increasing number of recycling companies – such as regranulate manufacturers – are now also using the machine. “Here the quality must be almost as good as new material, and the VEZ shreds pre-sorted, post-consumer plastics,” the German provider gave account. “The result is a homogeneous output in large quantities that can be safely fed to downstream processes.” The VEZ would also master the shredding of old mattresses.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2022, Page 48, Photo: Vecoplan)