Picvisa Strengthens its Position in the Iberian Peninsula and Expands its Global Reach to Latin America and Eastern Europe

Picvisa, a leader in glass waste separation solutions, has strengthened its position in the Iberian Peninsula with the sale of a glass treatment plant for REVIMON in Portugal, and it’s also in charge of the expansion of the T.M. Reciclatges in Mallorca for the separation of transparent glass.

The company has also expanded its presence in Latin America with contracts in Guatemala with the Central American glass company Vical to establish the first glass separation plant in the country and is doing the engineering in Brazil for a glass recovery plant for one of the largest beer producer in the world, both projects are expected to be operational throughout 2023.

In addition, Picvisa has entered the glass recovery market in Eastern Europe with a contract in Romania with the company Terra Blue. These new contracts are related to the launch of the new design of its ECOGLASS optical sorter, which has introduced significant improvements in the efficiency of the separation of glass and its contaminants.

The innovative design of ECOGLASS allows a more efficient separation, reducing the time and costs associated with maintenance. This innovation is part of Picvisa’s strategy to offer more advanced waste sorting solutions to its customers around the world, demonstrating its commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.

To guarantee a technical service of the best quality and response in the American continent, Picvisa has established new technical service points in Brazil and Mexico, which reflects Picvisa’s commitment to exceptional after-sales service and the success of relationships with long-term clients.

All of these advances demonstrate the company’s leadership in the global waste glass separation market and its ability to provide efficient and customized solutions to its customers around the world. This is the result of a 2022 historical sales record for the company throughout its history, coinciding with the year of its 20th anniversary.

About Picvisa

Picvisa is an innovative technology-based company, integrated into Calaf Grup, which has a history of 20 years as a benchmark in the design, manufacture and supply of optical separation equipment for the classification of materials, the recovery and recovery of waste. Located in Calaf (Barcelona), Picvisa offers advanced solutions based on robotics, intelligence and artificial vision. Currently its teams are present in more than 16 countries. Its clients include companies such as Pre Zero, Veralia, Ecoembes and Ecovidrio among others.


Source/Photo: Picvisa (Barcelona, March 22, 2023)