100 years of Riedhammer GmbH

The company proudly celebrates 100 years of quality and innovation, and 100 years of burning passion for industrial kilns.

Riedhammer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial kiln plants. The company, based in Nuremberg, Germany, serves new, innovative technology sectors, such as the battery and energy sector and battery recycling, in addition to its traditional business areas such as carbon, ceramics and sanitary ware.

Photo: Riedhammer GmbH

Outstanding quality combined with high-energy savings and continuous progress
Thanks to 100 years of experience in innovative heat treatment technology and rapid adaptation to market requirements, Riedhammer offers modern and reliable technological solutions for all thermal processes that guarantee excellent product quality. Reliable solutions for plants in the fields of advanced materials and battery materials, carbon and technical ceramics, covering all thermal processes, both before and after furnace installation – worldwide.

Riedhammer’s state-of-the-art rotary kilns combine the latest technology with proven reliability in the thermal treatment of ceramic and lithium battery powders and calcination processes. Our gas-tight rotary kilns allow process applications for pyrolysis and with controlled atmosphere, such as H2, N2, O2 or similar.

Riedhammer offers complete production lines for the recycling process


  • Processing of different cell shapes and cell chemistries
  • Exhaust gas filtration with post-combustion
  • Regeneration of valuable metals
  • Capacity of up to 48 tons / day


  • Recovery of dry black mass, copper and aluminum flakes
  • Mechanical separation including magnetic separation
  • Safe cell shredding with system monitoring
  • Heat and energy recovery via ORC system
  • Robust and efficient pyrolysis furnace – sophisticated technology
  • Efficient removal of binders, organic substances and fluorine sources


  • High purity of the regenerate
  • Highly efficient systems
  • Less maintenance required
  • Continuous recycling operation
  • Processing of commercially available recyclates of the highest quality

As part of the SACMI Group, Riedhammer has a worldwide network of representatives who guarantee the best customer service and professional support when and where it is needed.

The experienced team offers customers tailor-made solutions for the modernization of existing systems in terms of minimizing energy consumption, increasing performance and improving quality, setting up, optimizing and modernizing automation and handling systems as well as control and regulation systems through complex visualization systems.

“Our thanks go to our employees, whose commitment, connectedness and dedication have made our 100-year success story possible. We look forward to another exciting century full of innovation, community and success.”

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(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2024, Page 10 -Advertorial-, Photo: Riedhammer GmbH)