Australian Waste Management: Not Yet an Entity

Australia is one of the highest waste generating countries in the world per head of population. Population growth and increasing consumerism have led to increasing solid waste being generated. Traditionally, solid waste has been disposed of in landfills. But “in the past 25 years, recycling in Australia has undergone a revolution, from the introduction of […]

Mexico: Councils Have Little Margin for Investments

According to expert opinion, the Mexican economy will probably grow about 2.4 percent in 2016. However, the Mexican crude oil‘s low price has caused the government to reduce their expenses. After the Senate and the House of Representatives had already adopted a lower budget for 2016, further cuts were made in February this year. A […]

Recycling in Chile: A Promising Start to Close the Loop

On May 17, Chile’s President Bachelet signed a new framework law that supports recycling in the country. Consequently, a whole new market will be developed. The South American Country is on its way to build up a sustainable waste management, including waste separation, treatment and processing. Since 2010, Chile is the first South American country […]

Aluminum Recycling: Brazil Remains the World-Leader

Aluminum recycling in Brazil is highly effective and virtually all scrap available is recycled. In 2014, Brazil recycled 540,000 tons of aluminum. “The relationship between this volume and the domestic consumption of aluminum indicates a percentage of 35.2 percent, which exceeds the world average of 29.9 percent (2011 basis)”, the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL) reported. […]

Investment Opportunities in Brazil

Recycling is on the rise in the Federative Republic of Brazil, Latin America‘s largest country. According to a new study by ABRELPE (the Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning and Special Waste Companies), recycling has increased by around 7.2 percentage points. “In 2010, only 57.6 percent of the towns had some recycling or separate collection initiatives”, […]

Polystyrene Market is Projected to Reach 28.2 Billion Dollar

A study, published by the Indian company Markets and Markets, Pune, revealed that the global polystyrene market is expected to reach 28.2 billion US Dollar by 2019, in terms of value, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1 percent from 2014 to 2019. Recycling of polystyrene also creates potential growth opportunities for key […]

Doppstadt Solutions for Japan/Fukushima: Skimming Radioactive Soil

Since the nuclear incident in Fukushima on 11th March 2011, many areas of cultivable land are contaminated with radiation or covered by a thick salt layer. In order to use the land again for agriculture, a certain layer must be removed. In search of a capable environmental enterprise, the Japanese government came across the Doppstadt […]

Recycling of C&D Waste in India: First Steps Taken

The Delhi government has decided to mandate recycled products from C&D waste in prospective contracts for building works and road works to be taken up by the government and its agencies. Following the decree, all Delhi government authorities are required to incorporate a clause in their tenders: It mandates use of a minimum of two […]

Tunisia: Waste Management on the Rise

In November 2014, the GIZ/SWEEP-Net project “Structural Integration of the Informal Sector into the Municipal Solid Waste Management in Tunisia” presented the pilot operations with its respective partners, the municipalities of Ettadhamen–Mnihla and La Marsa. The actions were implemented January 2015 and lasted until June 2015. The SWEEP-Net (Solid Waste Exchange of Information and Expertise […]

Waste Recycling in South Africa: The Private Sector is Called upon

South Africa aims to have all households in the country‘s large centers separating their own waste into recyclable and non-recyclable material by 2016. The National Waste Act supports this by encouraging separation of recyclable waste at household level to be implemented in all municipalities over time. And the National Waste Management Strategy not only wants […]