BIR forces public relations for first Global Recycling Day

In 2016, BIR launched the project of organising a Global Recycling Day. Now BIR presents a brochure to its members attending the 2016 World Recycling Convention (Round-Table Sessions) in Amsterdam. Furthermore a dedicated website will be filled with more information on actions, stakeholders, supporters, campaigns etc. Additionally, a ‘Online Petition’ is aiming to dramatically increase […]

VacuDry Drilling Mud Treatment Plant Delivered to Baku

The VacuDry by econ industries is a proven and resource-conserving technology. But the delivery of the two VacuDry 2×12,000 plants for drilling mud to Baku, Azerbaijan was a special event. Equipment was stowed right up to the top in no less than 48 standard containers, each 40 feet long. Further system components were packed in […]

IMPACTPapeRec: Project Conference and Informative Meeting

The European project IMPACTPapeRec will organize its “Project Conference and Informative Meeting” to be held on 24 January in Barcelona, Spain. Personnel involved in recycling and sustainability issues working in the paper industry, EU municipalities, waste management companies, policy makers, standardization bodies and citizen associations are invited to join this event to learn more and […]

Kia: Recycling Rate Increased by 93.7 Percent

The vehicle manufacturer Kia has increased the recycling quote to 93.7 percent in his Korean factories in 2015. The company forwarded production residuals of galvanized steel to Korean steel manufacturer and utilized uncoated steel parts themselves in the foundry of the factory called Gwangju. Moreover, Kia introduced programs for the recycling and re-utilization of car […]

Enviro signs MoU with Chilean investor

A detailed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Enviro and Genera Austral S.A. from Chile. The agreement means that the parties will work together to achieve their joint ambition to establish one or more recycling plants for the Chilean mining industry. “Genera Austral has undertaken a long evaluation process involving a number of […]

UK: Start-Up of the New Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility in 2017

The Finnish-based technology provider Valmet has signed an agreement with Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S to supply automation technology for the new Dunbar energy recovery facility (EFR) in East Lothian, Scotland, UK. The company’s delivery, which is scheduled for March 2017, consists of a Valmet DNA automation system, an information management system as well as […]

Recovery of Gold and Palladium from E-Scrap

The rise in gold and palladium prices is significantly increasing the profit potential of e-scrap recycling. That is one of the reasons why US-based Itronics Inc. has started a campaign to produce commercially saleable silver bullion from a mixture of its internally generated silver concentrates and e-scrap (ground up computer circuit boards). “An important objective […]

Market Report: Commercial Aircraft Disassembly, Dismantling & Recycling

The report from UK-based business intelligence provider Visiongain offers comprehensive analysis of the global aviation market. The company assesses that this market will generate revenues of 5.6 billion US-Dollar in 2016. Ashraf Kazi, Visiongain’s aviation analyst and author of the report, commented that the extensive economic and structural benefits of composite materials have resulted in […]

New Objective: Towards a 100 Percent Recyclable Aircraft

As part of Montréal Civil Aviation Week, Canadian Aéro Montréal (the think tank of Québec‘s aerospace cluster) brought together nearly 400 participants for a case study competition on the development of a 100 percent recyclable aircraft. A panel of experts awarded top honors to Cyclair project, from École Polytechnique of Montréal, while all the participants […]

India: Plastic Waste Will Be Used for Road Constructions

The Maharashtra government has decided to use plastic waste along with tar to build roads, Indian media gave account. The goal of this measure is to improve the durability and longevity of asphalt roads and reduce soil pollution. According to the provided information, the Indian CSIR-Central Road Research Institute has assured the government that roads […]