Taiwan: Heat Recovery ORC Power Plant from Biomass Fuel

After Malaysia, India, South Korea, The Philippines, Singapore, and Japan also Taiwan gets a Turboden ORC heat recovery plant.

The new ORC*) plant – according to Turboden the biggest of its kind in Taiwan – will recover saturated steam at low pressure from biomass fuel to produce 10 MW electricity. The high conversion efficiency of the ORC (very suitable for low-temperature sources), the reliability and the experience of the company would realize that Turboden turbogenerator ensures a secure income from the sale of electric energy throughout the power plant life.

*) The Organic Rankine Cycle’s principle is based on a turbogenerator working as a conventional steam turbine to transform thermal energy into mechanical energy and finally into electric energy through an electrical generator, Turboden informs on its website. Instead of generating steam from water, the ORC system vaporizes an organic fluid, characterized by a molecular mass higher than that of water, which leads to a slower rotation of the turbine, lower pressures and no erosion of the metal parts and blades.


GR 12019