Responsibly Recycling Local Waste Through Collaboration On Custom Tyre Shredder Machinery

Established in 2005, Black-Ram Recycling is a waste tyre collector and processor based in Somerset, England. Born out of a need for waste collection in the area, Black-Ram initially processed tyres for land engineering purposes, including drainage applications and roadways. With a vision to be financially and environmentally responsible, Black-Ram’s mission is to deliver zero waste tyre recycling within the UK.

Since 2015, Black-Ram has been focused on material and energy recovery, including recycling whole passenger car tyres for use in alternative fuel and feedstock markets.

In 2014, Black-Ram was at a crossroads. The tyre recycling industry was changing, and the leadership team was considering moving away from construction towards material and energy recovery which would require specialized tyre shredder equipment. Black-Ram researched what machinery would be needed to process waste tyres to a specification that would give them the most options. They also hoped to separate and recycle steel from the tyres. Lastly, they were looking to scale their business, which prompted the need for heavy-duty equipment.

By 2015, the Black-Ram team had started researching what machines were on the market to chop and process tyres for alternative fuel and feedstock use. They discovered that Eldan had tyre shredder equipment that would allow them to separate steel from the tyres and produce tyre chips that could go into a variety of further applications. The Black-Ram team took a tour of Eldan’s Denmark factory and was impressed with what they saw.

In 2015 negotiations began between Black-Ram and Eldan to provide a tyre shredder that would turn whole passenger car tyres into rubber chips for alternative fuels and feedstock. Eldan recommended and delivered a hydraulic Multi-Purpose Rasper MPR203 HD in 2016. The Eldan team, in conjunction with Black-Ram engineers, oversaw the installation. An added feature, Eldan provided online equipment monitoring assistance to ensure prompt problem resolution.

After the initial installation, the Eldan and Black-Ram teams realized that modifications would be necessary to achieve the desired product. In collaboration with Eldan’s R&D department, a new knife system was developed and tested on-site at Black-Ram. With the modifications in place, Black-Ram was able to transform passenger car tyres into rubber chips. The team quickly realized that greater capacity was needed. Eldan recommended that Black-Ram install a Super Chopper in front of the Multi-Purpose Rasper, which increased the capacity two to threefold.

“One reason we chose Eldan was their lead time on parts. In this industry it’s critical to minimize downtime.”
“I would absolutely recommend ELDAN. You get what you pay for. We’ve tried other suppliers for parts, but we keep coming back to Eldan.” Henry Hodge, Owner Black-Ram, said.

Photo: ELDAN Recycling A/S

The Black-Ram team was able to achieve their goal of creating high volumes of quality clean-cut rubber chips. The effort proved to be such a success that after the addition of the first Super Chopper SC1412 FD150 in 2020, Black-Ram added a complete tyre chip line with a Super Chopper and a Multi-Purpose Rasper in 2021.

Utilizing the customized tyre shredder equipment, Black-Ram was able to reach the goals regarding capacity, steel wire recovery, output size, and flexibility. To date, Black-Ram has installed four Eldan tyre shredders, allowing the company to increase local employment and expand the geographic footprint of the business. The Black-Ram team continues to rely on Eldan for reliable parts and online monitoring assistance and is pleased with the outstanding relationships they have built with the Eldan team.

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(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2022, Page 50, Photo: ELDAN Recycling A/S)