Processing of Electric Motors and Copper “Meatballs”

German-based company Sicon – specialized in the development of systems related to scrap processing and metal separation – explains how new equipment solutions allow for a flexible system that can easily adapt to changing market conditions. The main component of a shredder downstream is a hand-picking-station to ensure complete removal of copper-containing materials from scrap. […]

Silkeborg Affald & Genbrug Optimizes EPS Recycling

By using the right technical equipment, Silkeborg Affald & Gebrug was able to increase the recycling rate of used expanded polystyrene (EPS). In the Danish town Silkeborg (located in the middle of the Jutlandic peninsula) approximately 30 tons – equivalent to more than 60 truckloads – of EPS are collected per year. Previously, the expanded […]

Paper Mills Generate Their Own Solid Recovered Fuel

Two Untha XR waste shredders are now in operation for VPK Packaging Group in continental Europe, shredding pulper ropes (ragger wire) as part of a closed loop paper production process. Manufacturing 900,000 tons of paper per year from 100 percent recycled materials, VPK’s mill in Dendermonde (Belgium) and Blue Paper Mill in Strasbourg (France) generate […]

Artificial Intelligence for Paper Sorting

Technology provider Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has expanded the Max-AI AQC (Autonomous Quality Control) product line with the release of the AQC-2 for paper sorting applications. The Max-AI technology employs artificial intelligence (AI) to make material identification and selection decisions. According to the information, AQC-2 features two robotic screening units and is able to sort […]

Fully Automatic Press for Paper & Co.

The German manufacturer HSM GmbH + Co. KG has added the fully automatic channel baling press HSM VK 6215 to its product portfolio. According to the provider, this press model is particularly suitable for professional waste management or larger industrial applications – with high throughput capacity. With a pressing force of 620 kN (kilonewton), the […]

Patented Process to Separate Plastics Mix

As China has implemented their restrictions on the import of waste streams, other South-East-Asian countries are following their lead. As a result, recyclers in the US and Europe are experiencing increasing difficulties exporting their plastic residues. With no end date for the import restrictions in sight, recyclers are forced to adapt to the current situation […]

Tiger Depack Reduces Waste in Paper Pulp

At MIAC 2018, the 25th International Exhibition of Paper Industry taking place from 10 to 12 October in Lucca (Italy), Italian company Cesaro Mac Import will present its new machine for paper mills which uses recovered paper. Recovered paper is an important raw material for producing new paper. In some parts of the world, the […]

New Research Project Regarding Fuel from Waste Tires

The aim of the ongoing project in Sweden is to evaluate three different approaches for upgrading pyrolysis oil from tires to more high-quality products, with the main focus on co-upgrading to fuels together with fossil raw materials in refinery processes. Upgrading of pyrolysis oil from Scandinavian Enviro Systems’ process is carried out in the various […]

USA: Recycling Generates 117 Billion US-Dollar per Year

The recycling industries contribute to USA’s economy according to a study on behalf of Washington-based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Inc. In 2017, the independent economic consulting firm John Dunham & Associates conducted the analysis on the economic impact of the national recycling industries. The study revealed that the branch is responsible for more […]

Australia: Price Erosion and Too Much Waste

In Australia, states and councils in the country try to cope with the recycling crisis induced by the ban of the People’s Republic of China. As reported by Australian media, the import restrictions exclude 99 percent of the recyclables that the country previously sold to China. According to the online publication SmartCompany, in 2017 Australia […]

New Zealand: New Facility for Tire Recycling

Waste Management New Zealand Limited has realized a new tire recycling facility in Wiri, Auckland. With support from the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimization Fund, the company has invested in new tire processing equipment from the United States, expanding the processing capacity of the existing plant by 250 percent. “This will lead to the […]

Basque Country: On Its Way to a European Reference Region

Basque Country – or in Basque: Euskal Autonomia Erkidegoa – is an “autonomous” region in Spain. The habit of waste recycling in this “Autonomous Community” is more common compared to Spain as a whole. According to official figures, a high percentage of Basque families recycle paper and cardboard (92.3 percent), glass (91.6 percent) and plastic […]

Moldova: The Chisinau Solid Waste Project

If approved by public financiers and an international donor, the project will significantly improve the waste management situation of the Moldavian capital Chisinau. According to the information provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Chisinau solid waste project comprises a sub-sovereign loan of up to 10.5 million Euro to Regia Autosalubritate, […]

Ireland: Investments in a Developed Waste Infrastructure Are Worth it

For Kieran Mullins, Chairman of the Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA), Ireland has shown a fantastic performance. “Twenty years ago, just 7.8 percent of municipal waste was recycled or recovered, but a commitment by Ireland’s householders to recycling and greater environmental awareness means we have made huge gains since then. Everyone in Ireland should be […]

Energy Recovery of Non-Recyclable Urban Waste

According to researchers of the Spanish University of Seville, the use of urban waste for energy creation, especially the use of technologies based in gasification, is a more sustainable alternative than controlled dumping. As reported, data from the European agency Eurostat show that 13 of the 28 countries in the European Union (mainly member states […]