‘We need to have more Waste to Energy projects in India’

S Sampath, Chairman, National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI) South India Chapter & Director, Samki Group, Hyderabad discusses the importance of managing solid waste in India with Worldofchemicals. What are the concerns regarding solid waste and municipal solid waste management in India? Also give us an idea about the concerns in South India. Municipal […]

Gervasi Ecologica Delivers its First Semitrailer to the German Market

The Italian manufacturer Gervasi Ecologica is specialized in the production of steel semitrailers. It is a small niche of the semitrailers market, focused on the transport and collection of metal scrap and end-of-life materials. Following the growing attention to recycling, this niche is especially important for the environmental positive impact which can be provided. For […]

Testing for Recyclability

US-American manufacturer of plastic decking and railing Trex Company offers to test the recyclability of polyethylene packaging applications. According to the company, it aims at helping manufacturers overcome the hurdle of the risk of remaining product contamination in the package/film after use and the risk of contamination for non-recyclable “look-a-like” packages/films. Therefore, it is offering […]

Sweden: New Sorting Plant for Plastic Packaging

After a construction period of one and a half year, some months ago the official commissioning of the largest Swedish sorting system for plastics took place in Motala (Östergötland province). The operator of the fully automatic system – supplied by German plant engineering company Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH – is the Swedish organization of Svensk Plastervinning […]

How to Be a RecyclingHero this Holiday Season

Five top tips for an environmentally friendly winter season. The Global Recycling Foundation (the organisation behind Global Recycling Day, which takes place annually on 18th March) is calling on people across the globe to put the planet first this festive season and be a #RecyclingHero when it comes to gift wrapping, decorations and more. It […]

Global Trade Issues a Worry for Europe’s Plastics Industry

Most European regions and sectors in the plastics industry are looking ahead with a cautious outlook, with a majority of companies concerned about the impacts from global trade conflicts on their business, according to a new survey by PIE – Plastics Information Europe. PIE surveyed more than 200 participants from the plastics industry on business […]

Pallet Manufacturer, Košćal, Expands Business Field with Briquette Production Using by RUF Systems

Thousands of tons of wood chips are produced yearly during the production of wooden pallets. Instead of selling them for a pittance, the croatian pallet manufacturer Košćal invested in its first briquetting system from RUF, Zaisertshofen, about ten years ago and thereby increased the value of their wood residuals tenfold. In the meantime briquetting with […]

International Tender: Construction of a Plant to Treat Dried Sludge in Italy

It is for information to all concerned that 6th of February 2020 is the new deadline to present offers for the International Bid that had been launched by Acque Del Chiampo and Medio Chiampo in August 2019, for the construction of a new treatment plant to treat dried sludge. The two Italian publicly controlled companies […]

Changing Landscape of Recycled Metals Industry and Factors Influencing its Growth

The metal recycling industry is set to witness tremendous growth as people around the world increasingly focus on environment preservation and reversing the impact of global warming. Metal recycling is gaining popularity because it can help easing strain on the environment. Furthermore, these repurposed materials can be used for various other purposes. According to Acumen […]

Recycled Glass Market Value US$ 5,723 Million by 2026

Recycled Glass Market is expected to attain valuation $5,723.6 Mn by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 6.0 % from 2019 to 2026, study by Acumen Research and Consulting The global recycled glass market is gaining substantial growth owing to rapid industrialization, which has resulted in higher amount of industrial waste. In addition to this, […]

BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee: New Chairman Sets Goal of Closer East/West Co-Operation

Heading up his first meeting as Chairman of BIR’s Tyres & Rubber Committee, Max Craipeau of China-based Greencore Resources Ltd confirmed that he wanted to use his new position to promote closer co-operation between the industry in the West and that in Asia “where very innovative solutions to recycle tyres and rubber scrap are also […]

International Environment Council: Game-Changing Developments for Plastics Recycling in Europe

“We need to convey the message that recycling is resource-efficient and climate-efficient,” insisted Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General of the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation, in his presentation to the BIR International Environment Council (IEC) meeting in Budapest on October 14, 2019. Focusing on the main policy and regulatory drivers behind a “reshaping” of plastics recycling in […]

BIR E-Scrap Committee: Time to Change from a “Hazard” to a “Risk” Approach to Recycling in Europe

Challenges and innovation in WEEE recycling within Europe formed the core of a guest presentation to the BIR E-Scrap Committee meeting in Budapest on October 14, 2019. In terms of challenges, Chris Slijkhuis of Austria’s Müller-Guttenbrunn Group (MGG) highlighted material losses through illegal scavenging, collections and exports. In addition, the linking of EU waste and […]

BIR Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee: “Soft Patch” for Stainless Steel while Nickel Surges to Five-Year High

Recent weeks have brought the “confusing” reality of substantially higher nickel prices but a fall in stainless steel values, according to Joost van Kleef of Oryx Stainless BV in the Netherlands. “So how is that possible?” the Chairman of the BIR Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee asked the body’s latest gathering on October 15, […]

BIR Plastics Committee: Meeting Focuses on “Unavoidable” Technological Advances in Plastics Recycling

“The alarm bells are ringing louder and louder” for plastics recyclers amid worrying economic developments and wider uncertainties, warned BIR Plastics Committee Chairman Henk Alssema of Netherlands-based Vita Plastics in his introductory remarks to the body’s latest meeting in Budapest on October 14, 2019. But while many companies are currently beset by problems such as […]