New Tool for European Packaging Waste Legislation

Due to the Belgian VAL-I-PAC, European companies can now easily find all the basic information on packaging waste legislation in the 28 member states of the European Union. The organization assuming the recycling obligations for industrial packaging in Belgium, has gathered all this information on a new website As reported, the diversity of regulations […]

The European Market for Plastic Sorting and Recycling

The demand for plastic recycling plants in Europe will increase significantly. By 2025, sorting and recycling plants with an estimated capacity of 5.2 million tons will be commissioned, German consulting firm ecoprog GmbH has found out. This is a growth of 25 percent; the number of plants will increase by about 300. Within the waste […]

Slowly Cracking the Chains – Iran‘s Waste Management is Going to Awake

The trade embargo, worldwide imposed by the UN, USA and EU on Iran, has seriously retarded their national economy. In the forefront of the trade facilitation the country began to reconsider its waste management strategies. The newly obtained freedom of trade gives reason to suppose even more progress. The current population of the Islamic Republic […]

New Zealand: A Proposal to Reduce Packaging Waste

In their report “The InCENTive to Recycle” Milford-based (Auckland) advocacy consultancy Envision recommends bringing back bottle refunds (cash for containers) to lift recycling rates in New Zealand. According to Envision, the report, funded by a number of councils and businesses, calls for the reintroduction of a mandatory container deposit scheme (CDS) – where empty bottles […]

Japan: A Mature Waste Market – with Opportunities

Japan has always lived with natural resource scarcity due to geological and geographical limits. Meanwhile the idea of the circular economy is well embedded in Japanese education, culture, and legislation. As the Minister of Environment underlined, Japan has a solid system for waste management and recycling. Some call it the best – the plastic recycling […]

Armenia: A Step Forward to Develop Solid Waste Management

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing a 5.5 million Euro loan to Armenia for the implementation of modern solid waste management solutions. The loan amount includes a previously signed and newly added EBRD sovereign loan, which will allow for an extension of the geographic coverage of the Kotayk Solid Waste Management […]

China Bets on Circular Economy

From the Chinese ministry of economy‘s viewpoint, the national recycling industry has achieved progresses – in parallel to the country‘s emerging rebuilding towards a resource saving and environmentally friendly society. “Presently, there are a total of more than 100,000 recycle enterprises in China, recycling iron and steel scrap, waste plastics, nonferrous metal scrap, waste paper, […]

Green Fence Recycling Corporation Invests in South Carolina

Green Fence Recycling Corporation, a startup recycling firm established in 2014, is investing 2.5 million US-Dollar in a new facility. It is planned that the enterprise will create 40 jobs in Mullins (Marion County, South Carolina) over the next five years. The 65,000-square-foot facility was expected to be fully operational in February 2016. Green Fence […]

Ethiopian Cement Company Gets Energy from Waste

The Egyptian Company for Solid Waste Recycling (ECARU), a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings’ Tawazon, will supply Ethiopia’s Messebo Cement Company with a waste to thermal energy solution. As reported, it has signed a five-year contract with Ethiopia’s Messebo Cement to supply Biomass which will be used as a source of energy to replace coal gradually. […]

Averda with Operations in the Republic of Congo

This year, the Lebanon-based waste management group Averda has launched its operations in the Republic of Congo, which started in August 2015, during a formal reception attended by representatives of the Congolese Government and Brazzaville Municipality. Since April the company is responsible for the cleanliness of the capital’s nine districts. “In January 2016, Averda has […]

Hong Kong: Suez Renews Contract with Shatin Transfer Station

The Paris headquartered Suez environnement SAS has renewed the contract to design, modify and operate the Shatin Transfer Station in Hong Kong. The new contract covers an operational period of ten years with a contract value of about 54 million Euro. As reported by the French-based company, the Shatin Transfer Station currently has a design […]

The Chinese Way to Recycle Carbon Fiber Waste

According to Chinese media reports, a team of researchers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University has developed a new technology and equipment for recycling carbon fiber composite waste material. The total amount of carbon fiber composite waste material in the world is expected to reach 50,000 metric tons by 2020. As reported, the amount of carbon […]

PV Module Take-Back and Recycling in Japan

Since March this year, PV CYCLE’s take-back and recycling solution for electronic and electrical solar energy equipment is also available in Japan. The Belgium headquartered industrial association offers its waste management service for production and post-consumer waste to Japanese companies and commercial owners. “The Japanese PV market is the natural fit for our expansion to […]

Taiwan’s E-Waste Recycling

Taiwan’s progress achieved in e-waste recycling reflects a documentary, which was jointly produced by the National Geographic Channel and the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Since its debut in October last year, the film has been shown in more than 40 countries, Taiwan Today reported. According to the information, the documentary titled “Megastructures: Urban […]

Taiwan: New Recycling Fee Rate Discount Measures

To encourage manufacturers to design environmentally friendly products, the Taiwanese Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has tightened the eligibility criteria for discounted recycling fee rates. Since January this year, a 15 percent discount is given to all Green Mark products. As for IT products, only those that carry the Green Mark or the Energy Saving Label […]